ARIN Services

David R. Conrad davidc at
Fri Apr 24 10:58:16 UTC 1998


>Wouldn't it make more sense if registry data was handled similar to DNS? 

Right.  As I said previously, its just a small matter of programming (e.g.,
see rwhois).

There are a couple of issues, however:

a) if the registry database is used to provide contact information to help
resolve network problems (a stretch, I know :-)), and the only way you can
obtain the contact information is via the network, then if the network is
broken to the place you need to get to to find the contact information...
(yes, caching and seconarying can solve this issue)

b) quality assurance -- how much can you trust the people you delegate
authority to manage the data
(yes, strong QA control can solve this issue)?

My personal past experience has shown both of these to be a problem.


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