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Jon Lewis jlewis at
Fri Apr 24 08:01:08 UTC 1998

On Fri, 24 Apr 1998, David R. Conrad wrote:

> >So ARIN can spend about one /19 registration fee on a server to send over
> >to one of the other registries, and can run a mirror server at that remote
> >location.  
> Why put it at a another registry?  Why not put it off an exchange?  Or why
> not allow ARIN members to mirror the database?  I'm sure NSI would love to
> sell the software... (:-)).

Just figuring the various registries would be willing to exchage
colocation services with each other at no charge.  I guess if you have
expense accounts and such, put the mirrors all over.

> I guess it is a question of usability (as Randy pointed out).  I personally
> think the fact that people have to know what prefixes have been allocated
> to whom before they can find out what prefixes have been allocated to whom
> is _really_ broken.  It used to not matter too much (other than the

Wouldn't it make more sense if registry data was handled similar to DNS? 
i.e. if you had to know that to resolve, the DNS server to ask
was, DNS would be worthless.  First your resolver asks one
of the root-servers, and they tell you who to ask.  Why not have a root when I do a whois of, I don't have to figure out
or guess which registry to ask.  I just ask (maybe and it
tells my whois client which registry to ask...and the client (transparent
to me) asks the appropriate registry and gives me the answer I was looking

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