Internet Governance: DC-ISOC Meeting on May 11

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Those of you within "driving distance" to Washington DC Metro area might be
interested in our next Meeting of the DC Chapter of Internet Society.  To
automatically receive future meeting announcements, 
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Russ Haynal

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[       1- Meeting Announcement for DC-ISOC (May 11)          ]
[       2- Reminder for ISOC Board of Directors Elections     ]
[       3- Additional links from the Previous DC-ISOC Meeting ]
[       4- Netpreneur Announcement about E-commerce meeting   ]

Mark Your Calendar!!  DC-ISOC Announces its Next Meeting:

- - - - - - Internet Governance - "Who's in Charge Here?" - - - - - - - - 
                 Monday, May 11, 1998, 6:30-9:00 p.m.

PRELIMINARY Meeting Agenda

The Internet has continued to grow at an astonishing rate.  This diverse
expansion has attracted the interests of several regulating organizations
and governments.  Are the industry self-governing groups (e.g., ISOC, IAB,
IANA, etc.) sufficient, or is there a role for governmental bodies (e.g.,
FCC, ITU, etc.)?  Are new  industry groups needed (as the White House's
Green Paper suggests)?  If so, how will they come about?

Confirmed Speakers (so far) include:

* Donald Heath - President/CEO of the Internet Society

* VINTON G. CERF - Senior Vice President, Internet Architecture and
  MCI Communications Corporation

* Note: this is a preliminary meeting announcement.
  Additional Speakers will be identified in the final event announcement 
  which will be sent during the beginning of May.

Following the speaker presentations, there will be an open Q&A session with
the audience.

Meeting Location:
    Hyatt Dulles (Across Route 28 from Dulles Airport)
    2300 Dulles Corner Blvd.
    Herndon VA 22071  USA
    Telephone: 1 703 713 1234

Directions From Beltway:
    Take exit for Dulles Toll Road - West
    Take exit 10 from Dulles Toll Road
    Head South on Centreville Road
    Right on Fox Mill Road  
    Hotel is 1 mile ahead on the right.

As with all of our previous events, there is no charge to attend this
event. Seating will be on a first-come, first-seated basis, though we
expect that there should be room for all those interested. 

Please plan to arrive by 6:30 to "network", and to enjoy the refreshments
(cookies & soft drinks) that are being provided by our sponsor.
Speakers will begin at 7pm.  

*************  T H A N K S   T O   O U R   S P O N S O R  ***********
*  DC-ISOC wishes to thank InternetMCI for sponsoring this meeting. *
*   internetMCI offers Internet access options to fit every need    *
*      and every budget. internetMCI Access Services provide        *
*    you with a direct and reliable connection to the Internet      *
*    through flexible options for dial-up or dedicated access.      *  
*         Please visit internetMCI at            *
 To Sponsor a DC-ISOC Meeting, see 

A short list of related links for this topic:

* Internet Society

* Internet Architecture Board (IAB)

* Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

* Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding

* US Government's "green paper" on domain names

* Internet Society's web page relating to the "Green Paper"

* MCI's formal response to the White House Green Paper on 
  domain name system reform

* FCC's Factsheet about ISP's and Access Charges

* International telecommunication Union

========== ATTENTION ISOC MEMBERS... DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ===============

Reminder - The 1998 Internet Society Board of Trustees Elections are underway.

11 candidates are running for 5 trustee Positions.  As an Internet Society
member, you are given 5 votes to distribute any way you choose among the
candidates.  For example, you could:
 - cast 1 vote each for 5 different candidates
 - cast all 5 of your votes for a specific candidate
 - cast 2 votes for candidate "A", 2 votes for "B", and 1 vote for "C"
 - etc.

You should have received your ballots in the mail.  You can read about the
candidates and CAST YOUR VOTE ONLINE at:
The deadline for Voting is May 29, but why not go to the online site NOW, 
and influence the Future of the ISOC and Internet.
Membership Information....
 Individuals who are interested in becoming members of DC-ISOC can do so
 by joining the Internet Society.  See Internet Society's web site at for more information.

The Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society maintains its own web
site at:  Please feel free to pass this announcement
message along to other interested individuals.  If this message was
forwarded to you, you can join the DC-ISOC announcement mailing list through
our web site  ( )

Watch for a more detailed meeting announcement at the beginning of May.
See you there.

Russ Haynal

UPDATE: From the "War on Spam" meeting held on April 2nd...

Here are 2 additional websites mentioned during the presentations:

The AOL Legal Department Website is:

MCI's Spamming Policy is located at:

Thanks again to our speakers and sponsor for a successful event (original
event details are archived at .


Presented by the Morino Institute
June 3, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.
6:00 p.m. Registration & Pre-reception
7:00 pm   Program
9:00 pm   Post Reception
To Register: 
The Potomac KnowledgeWay Netpreneur Program invites you to spend An Evening
with the
Stars of E-Commerce.  This is your opportunity to learn from and interact
with four stellar  entrepreneurs who founded some of the region's hottest
electronic commerce businesses.  Gary Arlen, who Advertising Age referred
to as "one of the most visible and most quoted new media gurus" will
moderate and lead the evening's discussion.  Gary is President of Arlen
Communications Inc. 

On June 3, find out what:

John Backus, President & Chief Executive Officer of Intelidata Technologies
Bill Gorog, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intelidata Technologies
Corporation (also  developer of Lexis Nexis)
Jack McDonnell, President & Chief Executive Officer of Transaction Network
Services, Inc.
Mark Walsh, President & Chief Executive Officer of VerticalNet, Inc.

view as the keys to survival and success in an industry that is expected to
explode in the next two years. With expertise in areas that include home
banking software, vertical trade  communities, data communications services
for transaction-oriented applications, and the development of technologies
of the caliber of Lexis Nexis, this group has the capacity to address the
world of electronic commerce from all angles.    

The event will follow a town-hall format with brief six- to eight-minute
presentations from the Stars, followed by extensive time for audience
interaction.  Mario Morino, Chairman of the Morino Institute, will wrap up
the evening with his own views of the region and the netpreneur movement.

Previous An Evening With Netpreneur events drew commutative crowds of
nearly 2,000. Only 700 seats are available for the June 3 program.  To be
assured of your seat to star gaze, sign up now at:

You may also email your registration to <ecommerce at>.  Please
include your name, company, email address and a brief description of your

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