MAE-East snafu redux

Jeremiah Kristal jeremiah at fs.IConNet.NET
Tue Apr 21 22:00:27 UTC 1998

Has everyone just become so used to terrible performace at MAE-East, or am
I the only one seeing problems?  I'm seeing perfect performance to
networks connected to Gigaswitch 1 (excluding overloaded ports), but
15-20% packet loss to anyone connected to any other Gigaswitch.  In the
past MFS would jump on these tickets, find a frozen card on Gigaswitch 6,
reset it, and clear the trouble.  It has been over 24 hours since I opened
a ticket, I've spoken with MFS Datanet Engineering, and I still don't
think I've spoken to anyone at MFS who is aware that all traffic between
Gigaswitches goes through Giga6.
If anyone has time tonight, could they check performance to other
providers on the same Gigaswitch and on other Gigas.  If you need to know
which provider is on which switch, go to
Thanks, and hopefully this is on topic, even if it doesn't contain actual
router commands.  :)

Jeremiah Kristal
Senior Network Engineer
ICon CMT Corporation
jeremiah at
x284 internal

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