ARIN Services

David R. Conrad davidc at
Mon Apr 20 06:16:11 UTC 1998


>if each registry, in addition to it's own
>database lookup services, operates mirrors of the database lookup
>services of the other registries

I don't think* APNIC (or RIPE for that matter) has much interest in paying
NSI to run the software used at ARIN, and I don't think ARIN has much
interest in running the RIPE database software (albeit its free) that RIPE
and APNIC use.

I understand what you are saying and yes, it'd be nice if the registries
mirror each other.  Unfortunately, the technology to do so does not yet
exist [back! back! down! (fighting off another attack of cynicism)].  RIDE
-- it's not just a good idea, it's... umm, well, it's a good idea.


(*) I'd be more definitive if I was still in charge of APNIC... (:-)).

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