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On Sat, Apr 18, 1998 at 03:48:57PM -0400, Dean Anderson wrote:

but it doesn't matter:

Again folks:

Two things will cut 99.44% of the smurf:

Get as many net-ops as you can to 1) turn no ip-directed broadcast (if
they have a knob (or bitch long and loud)) and 2) filter outbound
packets with forged source addresses (or bitch long and loud if you
don't have a knob).

It's said that a problem changes in type when it chanegs _enough_ in
magnitude.  I suspect that it won't be another 12 months before a
router with both those knobs is _required_ to meet the (new version of
the) Router Requirements RFC, much less to actually _get_ a
connection.  If you can't filter the appropriate stuff, get the hell
off _my_ Internet.  :-)

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