3620 Field Notice (fwd)

Al Reuben alex at nac.net
Sat Apr 18 07:25:53 UTC 1998

I don't know if anyone cares, but those who have an older (5 month +) 3620
may be interested in reading this; it caused me to be up till 3:30 am and
leave a good TGIF's dinner early.

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Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 17:18:31 +1000 (EST)
From: William Roy <wroy at cisco.com>
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Subject: 3620 Field Notice

Cisco 3620 OIR Interrupts, Power Problems

 Field Notice
                 R97-3714, R97-3757
 Products Affected
                 CISCO3620, CISCO3620-CH, CISCO3620-DC, CISCO3620-RPS,
                 PWR-3620-DC=, ACS-3620RPS=

Problem Description

The power supply connector in the CISCO3620 sometimes does not make good
contact with the motherboard power
connector. This leads to low voltage on the motherboard. Because of this,
the voltage on a network module may be too
low for the network module to operate. The network module "drops out" of
the system, which looks to the router like
the network module has been removed. The most common symptom of this
problem is an OIR (On-line Insertion and
Removal) interrupt message on the console followed by a router halt. The
console error message is of the form: 

%OIRINT: OIR Event has occurred oir_ctrl 10 oir_stat CFCC

Note: The IOS does not support On-line Insertion and Removal on the Cisco
3600 Series. 


The root cause of the problem was traced to the power supply vendor who
was using a power connector that was
different than the connector Cisco specified. All CISCO3620s manufactured
after November 26, 1997 have the
correct power supply connector. 

Any CISCO3620 exhibiting these symptoms should have the power supply
replaced, or be replaced with a CISCO3620 unit with the correct power
supply connector. 

As an interim measure, you may be able to remove the power connector from
the motherboard, clean the
motherboard contacts and replace the power connector. Instructions can be
found in the Cisco 3600 Series Power
Supply Configuration Note. This is a temporary measure and the power
supply or CISCO3620 chassis should still be
replaced. A

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