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Fri Apr 17 19:36:40 UTC 1998

On Fri, Apr 17, 1998 at 03:32:35PM -0400, jlixfeld at wrote:
> :I now understand the confusion -- You are speaking of the
> :dotted decimal representation of the 32 bit IP address without
> :regard to masking.  I am speaking of the masked address which
> :results in a (mask length) network number part and a 
> :(32 - mask length) host number.  This means you think of
> :address components as octets (bytes) and I think of the 
> :effective network number and the effective host number, the
> :sizes of which are determined only by the mask. 
> Anyone mind sharing that conversation?

Oh, he carboned that?  I took it off the list when it became obvious to
the most casual observer that it didn't belong here.

What he was saying was that he doesn't look at IP addresses as
AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD.  He looks at them as NNNNNNN.HHH,. for whatever
decimal split is appropriate for the length of his netmask... which
must make him awfully lonely.  :-)

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