Private routes advertised

Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Apr 16 18:51:34 UTC 1998

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Alex P. Rudnev wrote:

> We are seing long SMURF attack against the address I ask 
> everyone who read this list and can check traffic over his network to 
> check if he see ICMP packets FROM (SRC address) TO 
> 129.72/16, 129.74/16 etc...

Don't let those North Americans bully a poor Russian network operator,
Alex. You too can use the whois database at to find out who
owns 129.72 and 129.74 so you can email them and ask for them to turn of
directed broadcast. It's not just a database for North Americans, you

P.S. in case you don't understand the English above, it was mostly sarcasm
directed at those other guys, not at you. And you might want to send this
URL to the network operators where the smurf flood is originating

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