AT&T DSNOC status

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Thu Apr 16 03:08:32 UTC 1998

Well.. they list the following:


of which I can decipher three:

BFLONY - Buffalo, NY
PHLAPA - Philadelphia, PA
SNFPCA - San Francisco, CA

I do somewhat doubt that these dispersed switches are the root of the
problem as they have clearly said that it was between two of the

But, as usual, I could be wrong.


--On Wed, Apr 15, 1998 9:58 PM -0400 "Rob M VanHooren" <rob at>

> FYI, status on AT&T F/R can be had at +1 732 885-7791, option 2.
> (But I bet you already knew that...)
> 		--R.
> PS:  Interesting, it also lists med-sev tickets on 4 nodes, effective at
> exactly midnight tonight.  All CA-80 gear, too (Cisco/Strata?).  If you
> can decipher Bellcore's CLLI/CLEI conventions from memory better than I
> can, my guess is you'll find the original nodes that freaked out. 
> Anybody around have a copy of Bellcore's DERG, LIDB-LARG, GEL, or other
> TRA tables on CD-ROM they'll let me have a peek through?  I'd buy them
> myself, but I'm too poor (and too cheap - heheheh). 
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