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Joe Provo - Network Architect jprovo at
Wed Apr 15 00:31:21 UTC 1998

> What we were talking about was forbidding external connections to the
> class-C broadcast addresses on a net, and why that useful process made
> addressing hosts on .255 boundaries A Bad Idea.

You misspelled "useless process".  I also think you dropped the final
phrase "if you want to talk to my network."

[many previous posts in previous discussion on the topic omitted here.
see the archives.]

Assuming someone else's topology is stupid; we have dynamic protocols 
to tell our gear things for good reason.  you want a dynamic process? 
get your head out of the cisco rut: 
  use your rbl-like bgp sessions between gated boxen that then
  squirt the updates into ACLs.
  feed these ACLs into your configuration update method (if you 
  have one).

That one was free.


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