SMURF amplifier block list

Stephen Sprunk sprunk at
Tue Apr 14 20:29:51 UTC 1998

Just because the host addresses are theoretically valid doesn't mean
that using them is a good idea.  Those two addresses constitute less
than 1% of a network's addresses, and are very simple to configure out
of your DHCP servers, etc.

Again, the likelihood that these addresses will cause problems or
experience connectivity issues is a far greater concern than the gain of
less than 1% of usable address space.

Sorry Charley  :)


Charley Kline wrote:
> But subnets of class B's may be larger than /24 and have host numbers of
> .255 and .0 in them. That's true all over this campus.
> It may be reasonable to filter x.x.x.255 addresses from class C's or
> /24 blocks, but you cannot filter all addresses that end in .255 without
> filtering out a number of completely legitimate hosts.

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