SMURF amplifier block list

Jeff Weisberg jaw at Op.Net
Tue Apr 14 22:05:33 UTC 1998

| Then again, filtering any packets to or from x.x.x.255 would have a
| similar but more profound effect.  Anyone who actually uses a .255
| address for a host is asking for trouble anyways.

around here, we use 'em (.0 too). 'course ARIN makes me justify my 
utilization before they give me more, so I try to use addresses as 
efficiently as possible. do others not have this constraint?



Dear Mr. Arin,

  Thank you for the addresses you gave me previously. I now need
more. I have efficiently used the ones you gave me. Sort of. I
skipped over addresses ending with .0 and .255. Oh, and those 
ending in .13 too.

Thank you,

Mr. Isp Guy

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