AT&T outage (was: the whole world disappeared)

Jeff Wheat jeff at
Tue Apr 14 18:49:46 UTC 1998

On 14-Apr-98 Karl Denninger wrote:
> We currently have no pager service from Pagemart - same deal, its AT&T
> frame relay related.
> This is going on 24 hours now, and Pagemart has no restoral estimate.
> For us this is EXTREMELY serious, as that is our NOC emergency alert system;
> we alert via automated alpha page to selected people when something breaks.  
> For now we'll live, but this means that things will get VERY dicey if we run 
> into any significant trouble nad need to call people in or get ahold of them.
> Thank GOD that we don't have any AT&T frame relay service.
> Tue Apr 14 11:04:07 CDT 1998

        This is why my company uses qpage to deliver alpha pages to our
NOC staff. Before using qpage, email was the method used to deliver the
pages. Now we use qpage to deliver them. In the case of the qpage server
taking a nose-dive, we attempt to deliver via email. In the case of both
services being unavailable someone is on hand to contact NOC staff the old
fashioned method :) I suggest looing at the qpage package available at


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