AS8584 taking over the internet

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At 12:16 AM 4/10/98 +0000, Michael Shields wrote:
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>> That is of course laudible. But the point has to be made that AS8584 is in
>> Israel. In an environment when a small ISP in a small country can cause a
>> lot of damage to the global Internet, a way has to be found to efficiently
>> propogate this knowledge far and wide.
>I don't understand this point.  Would you have been happier if they
>were a small ISP in the United States?  How about India?  Finland?
>Why does it matter that AS8584 is in Israel?

No, no, no. The point I was trying to make is that doing a tutorial on the
IRR toolset at a Nanog meeting will not propogate the knowledge about how
to prevent these meltdowns with those tools far enough and wide enough. If
you do not like the example of Israel, how about Switzerland, which is even
smaller and happens to be where I live and work. How many multihomed,
BGP-speaking ISPs do you think fly from Switzerland to Nanog meetings? The
same goes for RIPE meetings or APNIC meetings. The techniques to prevent
these meltdowns *have* to be easily implementable and well understood by
the vast majority of ISPs, both big and small.

>Shields, CrossLink.

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