NANOG topics so far

Susan Rebecca Harris srh at
Mon Apr 13 13:20:28 UTC 1998

Greetings - here are topics we've lined up so far for the June NANOG:

  - Differentiated Services Panel:  Working Group Update and Viewpoints 
    From the Community (Kathleen Nichols, Bay Networks, moderator) 

  - The National Internet Measurement Information (NIMI) Project 
    (Vern Paxson, Laurence Berkely Lab)

  - Scaling BGP (Yakov Rekhter, Cisco)

  - ARIN Update (Kim Hubbard, ARIN)

  - InterNIC Update (Mark Kosters, InterNIC)

  - Path and Round-Trip Time Measurements:  a New Project at CAIDA 
    (Daniel McRobb)

  - Implementing Simplex IP Bandwidth Augmentation and IP-Based News and
    HTTP Broadcast Services via Geosynchronous Satellite 
    (Avi Freedman, Net Access)

  - Introduction to the NETPERF.NET Inter-Provider Network Performance
    Monitoring Project (Avi Freedman, Net Access)

 Additional presentations will be posted at .
 Are there other topics you'd like to hear about?
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