Fixing RFC's WAS Re: SMURF amplifier block list

Forrest W. Christian forrestc at
Mon Apr 13 01:17:40 UTC 1998

I figured this should be a new thread.

My opinion is that we need to fix some RFC's to help eliminate the SMURF
problem and other problems.

Is there a review of the Router and Host requirements RFC's in the works?
Specifically, to review those areas which could be changed to fix some of
these problems.

For example, the directed broadcast stuff should be written to basically
say that the DEFAULT must be for the directed broadcasts to be off.

The real problem here is that the RFC's say that the default must be on.
Where the BCP says that the default should be off.   

I'm sure there are other discrepancies between RFC's and the BCP.
Shouldn't these be fixed?  That way we have a document to point to.  And,
hopefully, the hardware vendors will follow with tradition and write code
to the RFC spec.
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