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Sat Apr 11 22:00:18 UTC 1998

At 2:31 PM -0700 4/11/98, Sean M. Doran wrote:
>And consequently increases the liklihood that more networks
>will refuse traffic to or from these networks, which in turn
>increases the pressure on these sites to wonder what is happening
>to their connectivity and how to repair it.   Which may just solve
>the problem.
>This is a monumental admission: I think Karl is doing the right thing.
>	Sean.

and i totally agree. from my perspective, most of the damage has come to
irc servers, but it is also being used as a personal DoS, and i've heard
rumors of attacks on webservers, etc.

craig has done a very admirable thing writing the paper on smurf and it's
udp cousin, and making the url available to all who are willing to hear it.
those who ARE willing and HAVE heard it have already fixed their routers.
now we are dealing with the ones that either don't know any better or don't

if they start getting treated like the spammers, maybe they will wake up
and fix it.

i hope others follow karl in his lead. we all know that this won't be FIXED
til essentially every network in the world is patched. the free time for
fixing it is over. now it is time for there to be some consequences if one
will not fix.

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