AS8584 taking over the internet

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Apr 10 14:27:00 UTC 1998

>> IOW, if some terrorist group manages to get set up where they can announce
>> BGP, they can toy essentially with whatever they like, until people/their
>> upstream gets a clue and installs filters.
> -before we get too hysterical, it may be worth noting that to date the
> -problems have been caused by lack of clue, not lack of ethics, morals,
> -or empathy.  not that this is reason less for caution, but it might
> -guide our reaction towards the actual, as opposed to imagined, problems.
> Nevertheless, he is right.

Yup.  Same for the person who said airplanes could hit our exchange points.
It's hard enough dealing with the problems we actually have, 8584, 7007,
128/9, and daily accidental space 'stealing'.  Let's not drag red herrings
across the path.

Of course, the need for filtering remains.  I don't think we saw the 8584
incident over here, likely becase we filter.  But I am sadly sure that a
real terrorist attack will take filtering into account.


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