AS8584 taking over the internet

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Fri Apr 10 07:49:46 UTC 1998

At 07:25 PM 4/9/98 -0400, Scott Huddle wrote:
>I have and remain unconvinced and or confused ;)  The proposal allows
>an operator to verify a valid origin AS for a given prefix (i.e. "config"
>sorry if I'm being loose with the word) by using the DNS system with
>"" extensions.  I'm not sure which part of the random 
>route announcement problem that dnssec solves in this case?  It can
>help with the "are they indeed are who they say they are", but it 
>doesn't solve the "are they supposed to be doing what they said that 
>they're doing" case.

Has anyone benchmarked how long it will take to resolve 50,000's
after a line hiccup or a "clear ip bgp *"?   -Hank

>And you didn't address my paranoia about not trusting the DNS ;)
>> you may wish to read the draft.  it did not suggest using the dns to
>> configure.  and you may also want to look into dnssec.
>> randy

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