AS8584 taking over the internet

Jason L. Weisberger jweis at
Fri Apr 10 05:26:03 UTC 1998

> Intent doesn't really matter. The fact remains that it's possible for
> someone to screw up the rest of the internet. This doesn't mean that
> a quick decision on what to do about it needs to be reached; it does
> however mean that a *good* decision on what to do about it and how to
> prevent the problem needs to be reached.

Look, it think its happened to all of us. Its 4am, your pager goes off and
you have a message that someone in Boliva is announcing your /16. Or even
worse, its 4am, you just got to sleep and your pager goes off and you
announced someone in Boliva's /16. You wake up and fix it. 

Having strong filters on what routes you will and will not accept from
your downstreams is important - so Joe Terrorist or Joe Halfaclue can't
screw up and cause you trouble. Generally if the people doing the bulk of
the route trading are managing things well this shouldn't be a problem
and we'll all continue to live with the possibility that we'll be woken up
in the middle of the night for minor and friendly glitches. 

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