AS8584 taking over the internet

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Fri Apr 10 03:59:41 UTC 1998

On Thu, Apr 09, 1998 at 08:51:00PM -0700, Randy Bush put this into my mailbox:

> > IOW, if some terrorist group manages to get set up where they can announce
> > BGP, they can toy essentially with whatever they like, until people/their
> > upstream gets a clue and installs filters.
> before we get too hysterical, it may be worth noting that to date the
> problems have been caused by lack of clue, not lack of ethics, morals,
> or empathy.  not that this is reason less for caution, but it might
> guide our reaction towards the actual, as opposed to imagined, problems.

Point taken. However, whether it's Joe Terrorist or Joe Cluebie that
actually causes the problems, you're still going to get bombarded with
calls like 'I can't get to! the internet is broken! fix it!'.

Intent doesn't really matter. The fact remains that it's possible for
someone to screw up the rest of the internet. This doesn't mean that
a quick decision on what to do about it needs to be reached; it does
however mean that a *good* decision on what to do about it and how to
prevent the problem needs to be reached.

(My intent was not to panic, but to make aware.)


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