AS8584 taking over the internet

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Fri Apr 10 03:37:05 UTC 1998

On Fri, Apr 10, 1998 at 12:16:50AM +0000, Michael Shields put this into my mailbox:

> In article < at>,
> philip bridge <bridge at> wrote:
> > That is of course laudible. But the point has to be made that AS8584 is in
> > Israel. In an environment when a small ISP in a small country can cause a
> > lot of damage to the global Internet, a way has to be found to efficiently
> > propogate this knowledge far and wide.
> I don't understand this point.  Would you have been happier if they
> were a small ISP in the United States?  How about India?  Finland?
> Why does it matter that AS8584 is in Israel?

Not to speak for Mr. Bridge, but I believe the point is that if this can
be done by someone in Israel, it can also be done by someone in say, Iraq.
'Mr. Hussein, can you tell us why your ISP is announcing the entire Internet?'
'Relax! Take a load off! Don't worry about it!'

IOW, if some terrorist group manages to get set up where they can announce
BGP, they can toy essentially with whatever they like, until people/their
upstream gets a clue and installs filters.

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