AS8584 taking over the internet

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Fri Apr 10 01:42:55 UTC 1998

On Fri, Apr 10, 1998 at 12:16:50AM +0000, Michael Shields wrote:
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> philip bridge <bridge at> wrote:
> > That is of course laudible. But the point has to be made that AS8584 is in
> > Israel. In an environment when a small ISP in a small country can cause a
> > lot of damage to the global Internet, a way has to be found to efficiently
> > propogate this knowledge far and wide.
> I don't understand this point.  Would you have been happier if they
> were a small ISP in the United States?  How about India?  Finland?
> Why does it matter that AS8584 is in Israel?

I believe that the implication was that: 1) they're not directly
connected to any of the major _US_ backbones, and 2) they're on the
other end of a fairly thin hose.

And they can _still_ hose things this badly.

This speaks not well of the architecture involved.

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