AS8584 taking over the internet

Scott Huddle huddle at
Thu Apr 9 22:58:33 UTC 1998

> Harping just a little more, unless the IP registries take the lead and push 
> their hierarchical allocation tree data out and ISPs pick it up and do useful 
> filtering with it, this problem will continue to occur regularly. Talk to your 
> registry and your router vendors to start getting the pieces in place to get a 
> global solution.
I like the idea of somehow using registry data to help build configs, but
confess to not liking the idea of using DNS to do so (the IDR proposal), mostly
because I don't see trusting the IP registries to do this, and in fact have a health
dose of paranoia about giving routing control (i.e. the availability the
service) to a service that can be manipulated by a single person


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