AS8584 taking over the internet

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Thu Apr 9 07:36:28 UTC 1998


That is of course laudible. But the point has to be made that AS8584 is in
Israel. In an environment when a small ISP in a small country can cause a
lot of damage to the global Internet, a way has to be found to efficiently
propogate this knowledge far and wide.


At 02:10 PM 4/8/98 -0600, Cengiz Alaettinoglu wrote:
>philip bridge on Wed, 08 Apr 1998 20:08:03 +0100 said:
>> It seems that the current state of the IRR and the supporting tools are
>> in general simply too complex for a lot of people to get to grips with
>> ... which includes me - we build ours manually :-(  
>To familarize with the IRR and the supporting tools, Sunday before next
>two nanogs, there will be a IRR/RPSL/RAToolSet tutorials. We will send an
>official announcement very soon about it.

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