oh, for goodness' sake.

Stephen Sprunk sprunk at paranet.com
Wed Apr 8 21:33:47 UTC 1998

What would be the utility of doing that?  Shouldn't we first direct
effort towards making the ROOT servers that reliable?  And then there's
always the networks used to *reach* these servers, which are often of
questionable reliability, especially when a MAE is involved.

Then again, that assumes that routers need military-grade DNS
capability, which is an absurd concept to begin with.  The routers
should simply continue to operate normally (or slightly degraded) if DNS
isn't available.  Any other design is doomed to horrible race


Karl Denninger wrote:
> However, the nameserver infrastructure for such a TLD needs to go *far*
> beyond *any* existing TLD's nameserver infrastructure.  You're talking here
> about things that need near, or even at, military-grade reliability levels
> of service.

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