oh, for goodness' sake.

Karl Denninger karl at mcs.net
Wed Apr 8 23:49:27 UTC 1998

Well, my point, really, was that generating filter lists and *loading them*
while relying on things in the network which aren't reliable enough is
rather silly.

IF you're going to run an automated procedure with the *expectation* that
these operations (like a DNS lookup) won't fail, then you had better have
mil-grade reliability.

The *REAL* solution is <DON'T DO THAT>.  I find it insane that folks were
auto-generating filter lists off RIPE's information, using DNS lookups,
without enough error checking to handle the case where the domain doesn't

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On Wed, Apr 08, 1998 at 06:33:47PM -0300, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> What would be the utility of doing that?  Shouldn't we first direct
> effort towards making the ROOT servers that reliable?  And then there's
> always the networks used to *reach* these servers, which are often of
> questionable reliability, especially when a MAE is involved.
> Then again, that assumes that routers need military-grade DNS
> capability, which is an absurd concept to begin with.  The routers
> should simply continue to operate normally (or slightly degraded) if DNS
> isn't available.  Any other design is doomed to horrible race
> conditions.
> Stephen
> Karl Denninger wrote:
> > 
> > However, the nameserver infrastructure for such a TLD needs to go *far*
> > beyond *any* existing TLD's nameserver infrastructure.  You're talking here
> > about things that need near, or even at, military-grade reliability levels
> > of service.
> > 
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