oh, for goodness' sake.

J.D. Falk jdfalk at vix.com
Tue Apr 7 20:38:03 UTC 1998

On 04/07/98, Andrew Crawford <andrewc at nildram.net> wrote:

> >    Domain Name: RIPE.NET
> >    Domain Status: On Hold    <<<<<<------
> This is apparently causing some routing problems; many ISPs (especially in
> Europe) build their BGP filters from the data at whois.ripe.net at regular
> intervals. No whois.ripe.net = no routing policy data = screwed up BGP.
> Perhaps there should be a list of "sacred" domains that should never be
> suspended no matter *how* long they go without paying their fees. I wonder
> what happened in this case?

	If the .NET TLD was still just for backbone infrastructure,
	it'd make sense to do that.  Perhaps RIPE qualifies for .INT?

	No matter what it is, I agree...services like RIPE are way
	too important to the everyday functioning of the Internet to
	be turned off because of some NSI policy change.

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