Dijkstra Simulator

Daniel O. Awduche awduche at uu.net
Mon Apr 6 02:49:18 UTC 1998

The WANDL network planning and analysis software can be used
for this purpose (and much more).

Alternatively, you can trivially write an all "pairs shortest
path" program, using, for example, the Floyd-Warshall dynamic 
programming algorithm (See "Introduction to Algorithms," by
Corman, Leiserson, and Rivest). The same result can be gotten
by running Dijkstra's algorithm |V| times (once for each node), 
where |V| is the cardinality of the set of nodes in your network 


Alan Hannan said:
>   Could someone provide a reference for a Dijkstra simulator?
>   Ideally this would take three sets of inputs (links, nodes,
>   metrics) and produce edge-pair traffic flows.
>   Any suggestions appreciated, especially for GPL stuff that has
>   code.
>   -a

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