Internal DNS for Private IP addresses

Michael Shields shields at
Fri Apr 3 16:04:08 UTC 1998

In article <MailDrop1.2d7fPPC.980403070842 at>,
Roy Hockett <royboy at> wrote:
>      We are looking to use Private ip address space (rfc 1918) for internal
> networking equipment, and I thought I would check with this group to see if
> anyone has used them for such a purpose, and if so, did you create DNS entries
> (atleast forward, since reverse is not assigned by the internic) for them.  I

Maybe you should ask a DNS list, since you are asking about a private
network, and this list is about the Internet.

Seems like I said that just the other day.  I guess time flies when
you're having fun.
Shields, CrossLink.

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