Internal DNS for Private IP addresses

Roy Hockett royboy at
Fri Apr 3 12:08:42 UTC 1998

     We are looking to use Private ip address space (rfc 1918) for internal
networking equipment, and I thought I would check with this group to see if
anyone has used them for such a purpose, and if so, did you create DNS entries
(atleast forward, since reverse is not assigned by the internic) for them.  I
realize that only those attached to our network could access the devices at
these DNS name, and resolved ip address, this is the desired result, and those
that attempt to access them from the outside would connect either to device on
their netowrk with resolved private ip address, or not connect to anything.
     This is really for ease of use and not having to remember the actual ip
address, which is what DNS was designed to do.  I welcome any and all input.


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