caida bgp workshop, 7 april 1998, san diego, CA

k claffy kc at
Thu Apr 2 17:51:49 UTC 1998

On Thu, Apr 02, 1998 at 08:24:41AM -0800, Randy Bush wrote:
  > CAIDA is hosting a BGP workshop on april 7th in san diego, ca
  can we assume that the five day notice is intended to prevent busy folk from

no, that's what the mbone transmission is for

(altho admittedly mbone quality this week might 
convince even busy/interested people 
to take a quick jaunt down to temporarily
sunny southern CA -- )

the five-day notice lacked any intentional stance
of its own

timing of workshop to help baptize the new SD-NAP 
located at SDSC.  we assume this NAP will initially 
be primarily of regional (local peering) 
and cooperative research interest 
so did send out paper invitations to local ISPs 
[stage dir: k holds 3 fingers up and pulls them
down one by one counting down till randy asks
how k defines 'local'...]


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