NSI Bulletin 098-008 | New Registration Agreement

Dean Robb pceasy at norfolk.infi.net
Thu Apr 2 05:00:25 UTC 1998

At 00:06 4/1/98 -0800, Dalvenjah FoxFire wrote:
>On Tue, Mar 31, 1998 at 11:15:01PM -0500, Dean Robb put this into my mailbox:
>> BTW:  Inter at ctive Week magazine did an article this week on the WhoIs
>> problem at InterNIC (with contributions by yours truly).  I haven't seen it
>> yet (not a commonly-carried magazine 'round here) but it should be good.
>Score one for the good guys }:>

Well, sorta.

First, note my sig and then look at the alleged name of my business in the
article.  The company is PC-Easy...we provide on-site computer services.
Randy and I have exchanged several emails and he's called me at least three
times...you'd think he'd get the name right.

Second, based on the emails I gave him, the article is extremely weak.  I
haven't seen the print version, perhaps it's better.  But a good analogy
would be to have presented a reporter gruesome, in-depth details of a messy
murder and see the entire story be "Man killed".  

Third, the information is wrong.  I told Randy about the
Martianconsulate.com record, I've been tracking them since last September,
and to the best of my knowledge they've never listed their address as
anything but North Wales, PA.  They did, however, use the 555-1212 phone
number.  Incidently, that number was deleted from the record by NSI...which
makes the record even MORE in violation of the Registration Agreement...and
it's still an active record.  

Still....it's better than no publicity at all, I suppose.

Spam:  it's not just for breakfast anymore....

Dean Robb
On-site computer services
(757) 495-EASY [3279]

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