Fwd: Quantum device brings end to the "World Wide Wait"

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	Quick note. Dr. Mas Karud, if read backwards is: Durak sam. Which
means "you are a fool" in Russian. Hmm...
	Alex, Vadim, you should have noticed :)

-- Yan

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On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Alex "Mr. Worf" Yuriev wrote:

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>Happy fools day :)
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>> Subject: Fwd: Quantum device brings end to the "World Wide Wait"
>> Copied without permission from CNN web site.
>> Time to close the shop?
>> --vadim
>> Quantum device brings end to the
>> "World Wide Wait"
>> April 1, 1998
>> Web posted at 1:02 a.m. EST (0602 GMT)
>> NEW JERSEY (CNN)  -  A major technological breakthrough was announced today
>> by the research division of the leading telecommunication equipment manufacturer,
>> Lucent Technologies.   The invention by Bell Laboratories scientist Dr. Mas Karud
>> makes existing communication equipment obsolete by providing a technique for
>> distance-insensitive instaneous communication.
>> "The possibility of such instaneous communication was accepted by scientific
>> community for a long time" says Dr. Karud. "The device we demonstrated today
>> exploits the quantum phenomenon known as Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox".
>> However, putting the quantum-based technique to practial use has proved elusive.
>> Dr. Kurad spent more than 10 years in search of ways to compensate for the inherent
>> unpredictability of quantum systems and slow down decay of the "wave function".
>> The device demonstrated by Lucent allows simulatneous interference-free communication
>> of at least ten billion of "stations" at speeds exceeding several billion bits
>> per second, or at least a million times faster than the modems commonly used to
>> access Internet.  The most intriguing feature, however, is the absense of delays
>> and dissipation of signal with the distance. Dr. Karud explains that the quantum
>> wave functions "collapse" instaneously, seemingly violating one of the main
>> postulates of Einstein's general theory of relativity.  The paradoxial nature of
>> such instaneous "collapse" discovered by Einstein made him to declare the quantum
>> mechanics invalid.  However, the later research confirmed the basic principles
>> of quantum mechanics, making it one of the most important parts of the modern
>> science.
>> The announcement marks the beginning of the revolution in telecommunications,
>> declares Lucent.  The entire industries of fiber optic and radio communications
>> are made obsolete by the amazing device.  There's no longer any need to "route"
>> data and voice packets through many "switches" or "routers', since the users
>> will be able to communicate directly. "This is the end of the era of tyranny of
>> telecom dinosaurs" says Don Huboldt, telecom analyst at Wessels, Arnold & Heiss.
>> The shares of AT&T Corp. (T) were down 12-3/4, to 51-1/2, on the news of the
>> announcement, promting highly volatile trading in the entire telecom sector.
>> Vice President Al Gore congratulated the Bell Laboratories team in a telephone
>> call following the annoncement. "This is the best example of how steadfast commitment
>> of United States Goverment to supporting scientific research and education pays back
>> by making American nation the leader in innovation and technology" said Mr. Gore.
>> However, not everybody welcomed the news.  The most outspoken was John Chambers,
>> the CEO of the Internet routing equipment vendor, Cisco Systems (CSCO).  At the
>> hastily assembled press-conference he said that "it is time to close the
>> shop" for Internet router vendors.  Representatives of 3Com Corp, Accend
>> Communications and Bay Networks declined to comment.
>> Shares of Lucent Technologies (LU) finished up 25-3/8 to 150-1/4 at Tuesday's
>> close.

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