Looking for Peerage Contacts

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Wed Sep 24 20:10:10 UTC 1997

> Does anyone have a contact name/number/email address handy for 
> peering contacts with the following?
> Sprint
> UUNET/Worldcom/ANS/Compuserve . . . (Man is that list getting LONG)
> We am  entering the closing phases of bringing up our  NAP 
> connections, (4 so far), and would appreciate the contact info to 
> help facilitate the peering process.
> Paul Flores
> Williams Communications Group
> (918) 588-5172

Hi Paul,
	Generally, you'll be introduced to the NAP community and given 
the basic tools to contact other parties at the given NAP.  Broad area
announcements to lists like this may get you what you want, but most
exchanges have local lists for technical coordination.


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