Extending a MAE connection ...

Avi Freedman freedman at netaxs.com
Wed Sep 24 12:31:52 UTC 1997

>   WASHINGTON DC                               NEW YORK CITY
> 			|   B R I D G E  |
> MAE -- 100 Mb/s  -- | Cisco | -DS3- | Cisco | -- FDDI or -- (multiple
> East 	FDDI        | 4700M |       | 4700M |    100Base T      peers)
> giga						 Switch

Yes, though some would do it with Netedges :)

> 1) Will MFS allow us to connect multiple Peers on the same FDDI port (from
> thier webpage, it looks like it, but I am not sure).

Yes, generally, within reason.  2 or 3 aren't a problem, but 10 might be.

> 2) Is there any technical reason that the above is bad? 

Bridging makes things harder to see, and always runs the risk that dodos
will bridge strange stuff into the MAE fabric.

> 3) Because we do it the way shown above, does that make us look less
> attractive (politically) ?

If it does, it's too late - you already told everyone about it :)

But the answer is:  The people who'd want to peer with you probably don't
care.  And you probably can pick up 5-10% of your traffic bidirectionally
via those people at the MAE.  

> Thanks for any input on this. If there is anything I am missing, please
> slap me. Thanks.


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