Ascend/BGP4 <-> hop <-> Cisco/BGP4

Phil Howard phil at
Wed Sep 24 01:56:16 UTC 1997

Has anyone done a BGP4 peering between an Ascend GRF and a Cisco IOS when
there is an extra hop in between?  I want to be on the lookout for the
pitfalls.  The Ascend GRF will be on my side, as well the extra hop which
is needed because Ascend isn't shipping T1 media cards for the GRF, yet.
So we have to do with an ethernet first link out.  I'm assuming both of
my upstreams are running Cisco 7xxx.  The topology looks like:

-------        ------
| CRL |---T1---|P400|--     ---- servers
-------        ------  \   /
                     |GRF 400|-- dialup
-------        ------  /   \
| MCI |---T1---|P400|--     ---- dedicated
-------        ------

When the T1 cards show up, I plan to simplify the topology.

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