Packets from net 10 (no, not the lyrics)

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Tue Sep 23 16:44:31 UTC 1997

> I agree if BGP is running between the customer and the provider.  However,
> if:
> 	- both the provider *and* the customer are using the same private
> 	  address space
>    *and*
> 	- the provider assigns the p2p link addresses from that same
> 	  address space (according to its own subnetting plan)
> the question becomes:  where do you apply the filters?  Is it safe for the
> provider to assume, in the first place, that its use of private addresses
> should extend to customer networks? 
> Mohamad

	This type of question is very much a private matter between 
	consenting adults/peers/clients.  I would not presume that 
	my clients would know what I was doing with this address space.
	I would not presume that they were not using it either.

	IMHO, this is something that is placed in the contract.  Sort of
	like a prenup, AIDS check, or whether my date bites -BEFORE-
	its too late/embarassing.       


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