Traffic locality and other questions

Vadim Antonov avg at
Mon Sep 22 22:53:48 UTC 1997

Sean Donelan wrote:

> In the last year, the traffic among next-hops
> has become flatter at the top, and the tail has become longer.  The
> opposite of what I would expect in a market experiencing
> consolidation.

I have a suspiction that this is because of the limitations
of the current backbone technology.  I.e. traffic is not
determined by aggregate customer demand, but rather by the
capacity of backbones' connections to the IXPs.

If so, that'll mean that ISPs with larger market share have
the poorest bit-transport service; and so boasting about having
60% of market or so is seriously misguided :)

> What I find interesting is the rankings of traffic flows I see don't
> match with what the pundits rank as the largest network providers.  I
> don't know what that means though.

"Pundit" sounds vaguely scatological for a slavic-speaking
person (and very much like Russian "pizdit", a rude word meaning
"[he] bullshits", fortified with reference to female genitalia).
I'm sure there must be some deeper meaning in that :)

Thanks for posting the real data, Sean!


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