Traffic Engineering (fwd)

Sean M. Doran smd at
Fri Sep 19 00:04:49 UTC 1997

Avi Freedman <freedman at> writes:

> We at Net Access have figured out a way (we believe) to get
> around the stability-of-routing issue for already-established
> TCP sessions in the above approach (multiple machines with the
> same IP externally, plus an internally different IP, each
> running gated to announce their /32(s) to your IGP) -
> hint: a question I asked on NANOG a few days back -
> And Alec Peterson (now of Erols) has figured out an even 
> arguably slicker way to do it.
> I'll see if Merit wants to have Alec and I do a presentation
> on the methods @ NANOG.

If you have neatly solved the problem of undetectable
route flutter, whereby something distant from your
similarly-numbered machines causes datagrams destined for
those machines to flip among several of them at intervals
(particularly relatively short intervals) then I think
that would be worthy of a talk almost anywhere.

Moreover, if you can generalize the "slick" solution into
moving traffic by choice from one of your similarly-
numbered machines to another (thinking of reboots &
backups, server-driven load balancing and the like)
independent of service (although you could require it to
be a NAT-friendly service, I guess) then that might make a
trip to Phoenix worthwhile.


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