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Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Sep 18 18:40:45 UTC 1997

>Since you are trying to get it to work correctly with an
>addressing scheme which only very weakly encodes
>topological information, the lossy DV approach to
>propagating routing information (as opposed to a
>map-exchanging scheme),

DV = Direction Vector, i.e. paths like in BGP

For more info on maps check out the big-internet archives for April

>Note that since this seems to be possible through feature
>accretion upon the current practice of aggressive
>interception of WWW queries,

This is essentially what a Squid http proxy cache does. And now companies
like mirror-image and Cisco are coming out with transparent proxy caches
that intercept port 80 traffic so this technology is likely to become more
widespread even in North America. If only those vendors would make their
software compatible with Squid's parent/sibling protocols for sharing cache
contents then it would be even easier to offload a significant amount of
web traffic onto caching proxies.

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