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Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Sep 18 18:45:05 UTC 1997

>> map-exchanging scheme), three huge churny databases
>> (the mapping of information to URL, the mapping of
>> hostname to IP address and the mapping of IP addresses to
>> paths)

>Just for the record, I *was* kidding.  I don't actually think I have the time
>or expertise to make it work.  However, I think the idea is worth looking at.
>Two of the "three huge churny databases" (info to URL, url to IP) already are
>in place, and I bet the overhead involved in an un-cached IP lookup is a lot
>more than that of an SPF walk through a BGP tree.

Some people already have a database of IP address to path that is used to
more effectively route traffic from caching proxy hierarchies over multiple
international connections.

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