Physical transport media

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Thu Sep 18 15:00:28 UTC 1997

> At 5:04 PM -0400 9/16/97, Tim Gibson wrote:
> >If I may be so bold here Michael, the TTL of steel is significantly
> less
> >than so many other datagrams, many due to R.educed U.seable S.urface
> >T.ransparancy.
> We think that we have the R.U.S.T problem licked by using stainless
> steel
> BBs and by using a petroleum based liquid transport medium. We need
> the
> mass of steel in the datagrams to protect against backhoe fade. After
> a few
> backhoe operators get torn to shreds by a stream of IP packets from
> cut
> transport pipes, those big yellow machines will show a little more
> respect
> and watch where they stick their big yellow buckets.
	I can see it now... " We have a BS-3 down due to oil change

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