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John A. Tamplin jat at
Thu Sep 18 03:45:32 UTC 1997

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:

> C'mon, Vadim.  As the Net, and the Web in particular, grow more
> geographically dense -- IE: as there _is_ more local stuff for users to
> look at -- they _will_; people are natively more interested in that
> which is near to them geographically.
> And unless we unload that traffic from the backbones and the NAP's,
> _it_ will be what melts down the net.

Well, a better way to handle that particular problem is simply to peer 
locally with other ISPs.  We do that here in Huntsville, peering with 3 
of the other ISPs in town, and between the 4 of us we probably have 85% of
the local customers.  The peering links are over ATM (for one who is a 
customer) or FR (so they are essentially free given the way BellSouth's
FR network is designed).  We would be willing to peer with the smaller
ones as long as they were willing to run BGP4, which they find difficult 
on the equivalent of a Cisco 2501 :).

In our other cities, we are trying to arrange similar peering connections.

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