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Jay R. Ashworth jra at
Thu Sep 18 00:15:58 UTC 1997

On Wed, Sep 17, 1997 at 04:28:26PM -0400, Alex "Mr. Worf" Yuriev wrote:
> > > locality makes little difference in overall traffic patterns.
> > How do you say "bullshit" in Russian?
> Chush

Thanks.  "Chush."

> > C'mon, Vadim.  As the Net, and the Web in particular, grow more
> > geographically dense -- IE: as there _is_ more local stuff for users to
> > look at -- they _will_; people are natively more interested in that
> > which is near to them geographically.
> I think you are forgetting that there always will be companies that
> provide content that will be the reason for non-local traffic to continue
> to dominate local (porn webfarms come to mind)

Nope; didn't forget it at all.  But they will become a smaller and
smaller percentage of the traffic, over time, and they're not pertinent
to my argument, anyway, which was: local trafic should be _local_; it
shoudn't have to go via Timbuktu.

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