Traffic Engineering

Paul Ferguson ferguson at
Wed Sep 17 23:45:34 UTC 1997

At 04:23 PM 9/17/97 -0700, Pushpendra Mohta wrote:

>Even in the scenario where physical proximity automatically implied
>network proximity, I think the assumption that local traffic will
>dominate communications needs to be revisited. It is true today, only
>because that is how people live lives and conduct business _today_. The
>concept of "community" today is geographical.. the communities of
>tommorrow may not be so restricted.

I'm not at all convinced that 'local' traffic stays 'local', in fact,
I'd suspect that the latter case which you mention is already true.

I'd very much like to see the ration of traffic which is 'pushed' to
that which is 'pulled' from the local exchange, especially at smaller
exchanges (e.g. Tucson, Packet Clearing House) to verify these
assumptions. Not sure enough solid data can be correlated at the
larger exchange points to provide a conclusion.

- paul

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