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Christian Nielsen cnielsen at
Wed Sep 17 22:26:26 UTC 1997

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:

> This is happening already, and it pushes one of my buttons _really_
> hard.
> The geographic locality of reference of the current Internet is
> pathetic.  When my telnet session from St Pete to Tampa, Florida, goes
> via MAE-East, or worse, MAE-_West_, there's something _seriously_
> wrong.

What needs to happen is you need to find a fairly large city in your area,
where there are many Internet Providers, and start a 'GOOD' local exchange.
This can be hard to do. We found out that many people had a problem with this
or that on trying to put together a local exchange. But in the end, it has paid

Why has it paid off? Because we worked hard to get it to. Yes, we are not done
with it as of yet, but we are working to make sure that in the end, it will be
a solid exchange,

Some of the things that is making the Utah REP work.

1. Utah Ed Net is on.
	They do the connections for every k-12, Uni, CC, and Gov agency in UT.
2. The Larger Providers are on.
	We worked with the larger in-state providers to join in.
3. Low cost.
	We were/are not out to make money in this deal. Keep local Traffic

Now, this would not work if we had two or three local exchanges in Utah. The
load would be spread out among all of them, and there is not that much traffic
to justify it.

I won't go into it much more here as most of the info is on the web page, but
by getting providers to 'talk' to each other at a local exchange helps out. We
currently have 12 talking with a few more coming on soon.


BTW, it has taken us about two years to get where we are today...

And for those of you who care, here are the peaks from just local traffic

     -----------Last 12 Capture Intervals----------
     Start Capture Time    Peak Time             Peak Mbps
* 1. Wed Sep 17 00:00:00   Wed Sep 17 12:40:41   5
  2. Tue Sep 16 00:00:00   Tue Sep 16 00:10:48   6
  3. Mon Sep 15 00:00:00   Mon Sep 15 10:21:51   5
  4. Sun Sep 14 00:00:00   Sun Sep 14 22:19:13   5
  5. Sat Sep 13 00:00:00   Sat Sep 13 15:04:00   4
  6. Fri Sep 12 00:00:00   Fri Sep 12 19:44:31   5
  7. Thu Sep 11 00:00:00   Thu Sep 11 15:52:51   7
  8. Wed Sep 10 00:00:00   Wed Sep 10 16:20:03   5
  9. Tue Sep 09 00:00:00   Tue Sep 09 21:46:35   7
 10. Mon Sep 08 00:00:00   Mon Sep 08 16:10:23   5
 11. Sun Sep 07 00:00:00   Sun Sep 07 21:00:34   2
 12. Sat Sep 06 00:00:00   Sat Sep 06 10:13:52   7

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