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Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Wed Sep 17 21:55:10 UTC 1997

>Of course, he neglected to mention, "Good luck getting a straight answer
>about anything from MCI.  You're better off calling your psychic if you
>have a network problem involving MCI."

Actually InternetMCI has improved a lot since I started dealing with
their employees in early 1995.  They still have several annoying habits

But MCI is not unique.  Keeping up-to-date contact information is a
problem for lots of providers.  Unfortunately, you don't realize the
contact information doesn't work until you need to use it.  Only then
do you discover the provider only has a 1-800 number which isn't callable
from your area, you can't send them e-mail because the network isn't
working, and the contact page on their web server doesn't load.

So once again, I ask all providers to please check your own contact
information in the WHOIS database (I know it ain't much, but often its
all we have) for an up-to-date e-mail address and internationally
diallable telephone number. If you don't want to list your NOC, please
list a contact that knows what a NOC is, and can reach your NOC.
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