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Jay R. Ashworth jra at
Wed Sep 17 20:06:56 UTC 1997

On Wed, Sep 17, 1997 at 12:44:00PM -0700, Vadim Antonov wrote:
> > At
> > that point a pizza parlor owner says to himself "two out of every five of
> > my customers are on the Internet. Perhaps I need a web page." And,
> > suddenly, pizza on the Net makes a lot of sense and the traffic patterns
> > shift. As the density grows to 90%, local traffic becomes dominant over
> > distant traffic.
> Georgaphically local, not topologically.


> A *big* difference.
> Unless we're willing to go back to regulated monopolies geographical
> locality makes little difference in overall traffic patterns.

How do you say "bullshit" in Russian?

C'mon, Vadim.  As the Net, and the Web in particular, grow more
geographically dense -- IE: as there _is_ more local stuff for users to
look at -- they _will_; people are natively more interested in that
which is near to them geographically.

And unless we unload that traffic from the backbones and the NAP's,
_it_ will be what melts down the net.

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